Power Rectifiers

Power Rectifiers

Type of Control

Thyristor (SCR) Control

  • The Rectifier output can be controlled using SCR at primary or secondary of the Transformer.
  • It can be provided with 6, 12 & 24 Pulse configuration.

Variac Control (Stepless)

  • The working of the Rectifier can be controlled using stepless Motorized Variac.
  • Output controlled from zero to rated value.

IGBT based Control

  • The Rectifier output is controlled with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM).
  • Configuration is based on IGBT Module High Frequency Switching Mode.

Type of Cooling

  • Natural / Forced Air Cooled.
  • Oil Cooled.
  • Water Cooled.

Rectifier Transformer

  • Transformer is used to step down the input supply.
  • Available in both Oil Cooled and Air Cooled (Natural / Forced).
  • Dry type is available in both VPI & CRT.
  • Special High Frequency Transformer for IGBT based Rectifier.

Product Features

  • Input Switchgear (as per customer’s requirement).
  • Filter circuit for ripple content (as per customer’s requirement)
  • Filter choke of core type, copper wound, class “F” insulation type, forced cooled.
  • 6 Pulse / 12 Pulse design as per customer’s requirement.
  • Alarms with annunciation window.
  • With Programmable Logic Controller – PLC (as optional).


RIR’s Power Rectifier are used in number of applications in various industries like Cement, Steel, Automobile, Thermal & Power, Railways, Paper, Oil, R&D catering to various process:

  • Electroplating
  • Electro Chlorination
  • Hydrogenation
  • Electro cleaning
  • Engine Testing
  • Motor Testing
  • Cranking
  • Electrodip
  • Electro slug
  • Electro winning
  • Electrolysis
  • DC Substation
  • Traction Motor Testing
  • Aircraft Testing
  • Battery Formation
  • Electro Coagulation

Technical Details

Input Voltage : As specified by customer with +/- tolerance (3 ph – 3 wire / 4 wire, 50Hz / 60Hz +/-5%).
DC Voltage : Upto 1000V DC or as per customer’s / system requirement.
DC Output Current : Upto 25000A DC or as per customer’s / system requirement.
DC Regulation : +/-1%
Output Ripple : 5 to 10% as per the process. Can provide Less than 1% as per system requirement.
Efficiency : 85 to 90% at maximum output parameters & at Nominal AC I/P Vtg.
Standard Protection : Input Switchgear, Soft Start Feature, Fuse Failure, Over Temperature, DC Over Voltage, DC Over Current, AC Failure (Single Phase / Phase Unbalance / Under Voltage / Over Voltage), RC Snubber.
Standard Alarms : Mains Fail, DC Over voltage, DC Under voltage, Rectifier Fuse blown.
Standard Metering : Output DC Voltage & Out DC Current, Input AC Voltage & Current.
Cooling : Natural / Forced Air cooled, Oil Cooled, Water Cooled. (as per customer’s requirement)
Enclosure Protection : IP20 / IP31 / IP42 (as per customer’s / site requirement)
Operating Temp : 0 – 50 deg C.
Interface : With external PLC and SCADA signals (optional)

Product Applications

Phase Control Thyristor



Welding Machines & Inverters


Solar Inverters


Sugar Mills


EV Charging


Wind Energy



Power Plants

Power Plants



Medical Equipments

Medical Equipments

AC-DC Driver

AC-DC Driver