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Semiconductor Devices

Mr. R. D. Mane
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IGBT Modules

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RIR is a global landmark in Semiconductors having 25 years (two and a half decades) of technical collaboration with International Rectifier Corp., USA, for the manufacturing of Power Semiconductors.

A power semiconductor device is a semiconductor device used as a switch or rectifier in power electronics. Such a device is also called a power device or, when used in an integrated circuit, a power IC.

As components in power management subsystems, power semiconductors are typically used as switching devices and rectifiers (to convert electrical signals) and to change the voltage or frequency of an electrical current.

The power semiconductor devices have been grouped into the following two categories: (i) The old or conventional devices, i.e. power diode, thyristor, TRIAC, GTO, BJT and power MOSFET. (ii) Modern power devices, i.e. IGBT, SIT, SITH, MCT, IGCT and COOL MOS etc.