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About Us

Ruttonsha International Rectifier Ltd. (BSE : RIR) is  a  global landmark in Semiconductors having two and a half decades of technical collaboration with International Rectifier Corp., U.S.A., for manufacturing of Power Semiconductors. The Company is having ascendancy of IR (International Rectifier) technology as well as access to developmental and technological expertise of Silicon Power Corporation, U.S.A. – a leading American Corporation providing high power semiconductor devices through continuous R & D efforts. Silicon Power Corp. is into power process solutions and today one of the world leaders in Power Electronics. We have successfully implemented the project of manufacturing High Power Semiconductor Devices which has the capacity to deliver products ranging beyond 9000 Volts and  6000 Amperes.

With an in house facility viz. Die Fabrication, Soldering, Encapsulation and Testing in Halol near Vadodara, Gujarat, we stand firm as one of the leading International players in Semiconductor Industry. Our well diversified product range includes Bridges, Modules, Diodes ranging from 6 Amps to 6000 Amps and Thyristors ranging from 16 Amps to 6000 Amps with voltage group ranging up to 5000 V. These devices are supplied to prestigious customers in the public and private sectors spread across a wide spectrum of industries and receiving continuous orders, endorsing high quality content of the product. The development of these modules and other semiconductor devices is through technical support of Silicon Power Corp. We have the capacity to execute bulk orders and have been successfully exporting to various parts of the world including U.S.A., Europe,  Italy,  Korea and Middle East.

In the field of Power Equipments, our Company is a pioneer in India manufacturing custom built equipments such as Float-cum-boost chargers, Plating Rectifiers and High Current Rectifiers like Hydrogenation Rectifiers, Railway Traction Sub-station Rectifiers, Rectifiers for Electric Locomotives and other such equipments, catering to  the  diversified needs  of various  customers. These products enable the company to deliver its customers, a broad portfolio of high quality, energy efficient and environmentally sound silicon solutions for virtually every end-market  application. The company has created a solid foundation for growth by combining new product development  with continued emphasis on efficient manufacturing  operations, supply chain and logistics capabilities.

After a change in the management in November 2005, the progress of the company has been remarkable both on financial and technical fronts.

In India, the word ‘RUTTONSHA’ is a hallmark of supreme quality. Our continuous efforts of providing best quality product to the satisfaction of our customers have made us the most trusted brand in the Industry.

We hold ISO 9001:2015; UL and CE Certification, which are globally recognized for product quality and management systems.