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Power Rectifier

Type of Control

Thyristor (SCR) Control

  • The Rectifier output can be controlled using SCR at primary or secondary of the Transformer.
  • It can be provided with 6, 12 & 24 Pulse configuration.

Variac Control (Stepless)

  • The working of the Rectifier can be controlled using stepless Motorized Variac.
  • Output controlled from zero to rated value.

IGBT based Control

  • The Rectifier output is controlled with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM).
  • Configuration is based on IGBT Module High Frequency Switching Mode

Type of Cooling:

  • Natural / Forced Air Cooled.
  • Oil Cooled.
  • Water Cooled.

Rectifier Transformer:

  • Transformer is used to step down the input supply.
  • Available in both Oil Cooled and Air Cooled (Natural / Forced).
  • Dry type is available in both VPI & CRT.
  • Special High Frequency Transformer for IGBT based Rectifier.


  • Microprocessor / DSP based electronic controller circuit will be provided for output control.
  • It provides soft start feature which provides the gradual increase of Output (From Zero to Set Value).
  • It also provides limiting features.